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The School
Sacred Heart College Senior is located in Somerton Park with its history dating back to 1897. The school boasts an enviable record of football success and players to represent both AFL and SANFL Clubs. AFL players in recent times have included Matthew Pavlich, Simon Tregenza, Matthew Liptak, Chad and Kane Cornes, Luke McCabe, James Gallagher, Nic Fosdike, Aaron Shattock, David King, and Andrew Mackie. In addition, the school has produced elite players to represent the state at SANFL level. 

The Club
The Sacred Heart Old Collegians Football Club was formed in 1960 and has a rich tradition in South Australian Football. The club participates in the South Australian Football League, entering three competitive sides. The club has produced some outstanding footballers to represent South Australia at Amateur level, including: C. Barnett, G. Cash, L. Franz, P. Hurley, G. Juniper, D. Kitschke, P. Lambert, C. Naish, S. Schmid, S. Tait, P. Whiting and I. Willsmore. 

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A4 Reserve - 1973, A4 League - 1974, A2 Reserve - 1978, A2 League - 1993, A3 League - 2001, A3 Reserve - 2001, A8 Reserve 2006

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2006 Senior Squad

SHOC_TEAM_PIC_2006.JPG (219799 bytes)

Absent: C. Tasborski, W Quigley, B Kennare, L Franz, B Todd, P Noonan.

D Grade 2006 Premiership Photo

D Grade Flag_hist.jpg (146448 bytes)

2004 A Grade Squad


SAVE0005.jpg (90314 bytes)


                                            2004 A GRADE SQUAD
Back Row L to R:
C. Winstanley, P. Yeomans, K. Welsby, B. Wright, R. Barker, S. Murphy, B. Noblett, J. Kurenda,
N. Latty, J. Symonds, D. Wishart, Joe Quigley, N. Woolford, R. Nicholson, T. Howard, A. Keegan, A. Marling
S. Hereen, W. Quigley, N. Kimber
Front Row L to R: M. Raponi, B. Keneare, J. Ganley, L. Franz (vc), D. Whealan (coach), J. Quigley (c), W. Giles, 
A. McKay, T. Quigley, A. Fisher. Absent: K. Hall, A. Tomlin, J. Bourne, L. Mason (Trainer). 

2001 Premiership Year

2001_A_grade_team_photo.jpg (728980 bytes)

                                  2001 A GRADE A3 CHAMPIONS
Back Row L to R:
P. Leonard (secretary), R. Barker (runner), T. Byrnes, K. Hall, B. Keneare, M. Sweatman, B. Noblet, K. Welsby, J. Bourne, J. Schell, J. Kurenda, L. Franz, W. Quigley, B. Griffith, F. O'Toole, S. Murphy, M. Bourne, D. Kitschke, J. Clancey, T. O'Connor.
Middle Row L to R: D. Moroney, N. Kay, S. Feltus, J. Ganley, M. Merchant (c), S. Tregenza (coach), J. Quigley, C. Tomney, L. Mason (trainer).
Front Row L to R: W. Giles, B. Eime, A. Marling, B. Catalano, T. Quigley, B. Wright, S. Kay

2001_B_grade_prem_photo.jpg (755621 bytes)

                                   2001 B GRADE A3 CHAMPIONS

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G. Walkington, G. Manhood, A. Bourne, P. Fahey, M. Collett, N. O'Dea, J Kennedy, G. Bourne, P. Hollis, C. Monaghan, T. Spurling, J.J. Whiting, J. O'Leary, J. Lucas, D. Bourne, T. Bruun, J. Pilkington, J.C. Whiting, A. Whennan, J. Quirk, R. Orchard, P. Juniper, B. Dare. 

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2006 A Grade Best & Fairest Award Winner - Michael Puhle
2006 A Grade Best & Fairest Runner up - Tom Woods
2006 A Grade Top Team Man - Nick Kay

2006 B Grade Best & Fairest - Michael McSporran

2006 C Grade Best & Fairest - Dave Hodgeson

2006 D Grade Best & Fairest - S Murphy

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